December 6, 2009

Random questions

A summary of the questions I've been asking out loud today, sometimes to myself, most times to others. Quite telling and pretty damn funny if you ask me, especially out of context like this:

* Did you just fart?

* Who left this light on?

* Did you have a BM today? (The things we parents have to be concerned with!)

* Where did THIS hair come from?

* Will someone please let the dog out?

* Is there anything good in the PVR?

* What time did YOU wake up?

* Who left this here?

* Are you getting those dishes anytime soon?

* Where'd I leave my bra?

* Did you wash clean? (Again with the weird things parents have to wonder about!)

* Dude, do you know how pathetic it is for you to ask me to count your chin hairs? AND the fact that there are only five of them?!

* How many times have I told you not to trouble that?

* Ew, what did you do to this stuff?

* Where are you going at this hour?

* What are you doing?!

* Why the f*ck did I have kids? (To myself, not aloud... I ain't THAT mean.)

Now the answers... THOSE are a whole different story.

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