October 29, 2009

Too True Tuesday... on Thursday!

So I'm a couple days behind on Too True Tuesdays, a regular happening over at The Accidental Mommy. But I haven't spent a lot of time online the past two days except for work. So just sue me. Or not. That's the beauty of this blogging thing - I do it when I want, about whatever I want and there's nothing anyone can do about it! Heh. I dig that kind of power... it thrills me. (Note to self: if overinflated perceptions of 'power" get you giddy it's probably a safe bet that REAL power is not for you my friend. Can we say cor-rup-tion?)

Anyway, essie is asking the following:

What's the first thing you would spend lottery money on? Tell the truth! Spare us the crap about buying your kids a Carousel or paying off your parents mortgage. The REAL truth!

Hands down, no hesitation whatsoever: a hotel room. If I hit in big on the Lotto Max then without hesitation I am getting the hell out my crappy little bungalow with the mould in the north wall and the shaky floors and the pathetic water pressure. I would be instantly checking into a lovely little place like this, or This, or THIS! And I'd be staying there until I figure exactly what I'm doing with my lodes of cash. Heh... that would be sweet.

Have you done that? Played the "if I won the lottery..." game? I do it all the time (a firm standing in fantasy is healthy dammit and you won't convince me otherwise). My imagination always draws me towards a big house in a warm climate, with large high-ceilinged rooms and hand-polished wooden furniture, a bevy of household staff and private school for my kids (although in recent years I've been more and more drawn to the concept of homeschooling). Ooh, and travelling, lots and lots of travelling. Of course I want the shopping and cars, and blah, blah, blah... but the most exciting parts of my fantasy lottery-funded home are:

  • the kitchen - with multiple in-wall ovens, a huge rangetop and grills, marble sinks, huge stainless steel appliances and a MASSIVE island for food prep... *sigh*
  • the family room - big comfy couches, a well stocked games cupboard and card table, a well-worn wooden coffee table with enough space for propping up feet and holding drinks, magazines, big screen tv, huge fireplace, etc.
  • the backyard - hammocks and trees, lots of space for gardening (which will be assisted by my grounds staff, natch) and most importantly, a securely fenced-in yard for my dog to run to his heart's content
So yeah, I think about it a lot. But it all starts with me getting out of this house ASAP and cooling my jets in a hoighty-toighty (sp?) hotel suite while I make all the important decisions (e.g. one BMW or two...)

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