October 23, 2009

Horror at the chalet!

Finally got around to unloading my camera so expect some pics and videos in the next few posts - this one is totally out of left field but was so good I had to share it:

So my family goes to a chalet near Collingwood, ON every summer for our vacation. We spend a lot time on the beach, kick around The Blue Mountains and The Village (btw: the Olde Stanton Store makes the best freaking fudge AND has some amazing jewelery) as well as horseback riding, picnic-ing, hitting up the yard sales and farmer's markets, poking around in all the small town shops, strolling the boardwalk at Wasaga, etc. All in all a nice time to relax and unwind with the bonus of campfires in the backyard whenever we want and the awesomeness of the Perseid Meteor Shower. We invite friends and extended family to pop in and visit with us since we usually say for two weeks and the place can easily sleep 12 people and do lots of barbequing.

This past summer we had an "unexpected" visitor one evening. We came back from some grocery shopping a little late and while unloading the car (in the dark) it seems a bat decided to fly in and join our party. Hairy, winged, possible rabid beast in the chalet... great.

Seeing as we're a mainly all-female family (more on that another time), we volun-told the only male in residence (The Girl's Boyfriend) that he'd have to get the dame thing out. Madness ensues:

I'm ashamed to admit it but yes, that's me filming... and screaming my head off... and freaking the fuck out because that thing was flying all over the damn room! Shortly after the camera turns off The Girl is trying to calm me down without luck. That conversation went something like this:

The Girl: Mom! Calm down, it's just a bat!
dreag21: Have you never heard of vampire bats?! AAAARRRRGGHHH!

After that the conversation sort of lost all coherence and I ran into the bathroom to hide. To hide and pee - I always gotta pee when I'm scared. Same thing when I was a young girl and I'd catch licks from my mom... one lash and I had to run to the bathroom. (But that's probably a tale for another time. lol)

As for the bat, no it wasn't a vampire bat. But still.. I was scared. My mom and The Girl's Boyfriend then devised an ingenious way to trap the bat in the empty garbage bin ("Shoo batty, shoo! Go into the bin, IN-TO the bin batty! Shoo!") that actually worked and we transferred him outside. And by transferred I mean I threw open the front door while The Girl's Boyfriend dashed out, dropped the bin on the front walk, ripped off the lid and then raced back inside.

We weren't expecting such excitement that night so needless to say large quantities of red wine was required after that!

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