November 3, 2009

Costume Switching

So Smalley went to dance classes on Thursday and Saturday, as well as school on Friday dressed like this:

I made this dress years ago when The Girl wanted to be Bride of Frankenstein, and with a few new accessories, it quite nicely rolled into a witch costume. Add some make-up (little girls love make-up) and she was happy.

But by Saturday evening, she was getting bored of being a witch and wanted something new. Thanks goodness I don't toss Hallowe'en costumes. Into the box we went and after quite a few tries found something that still fit (sorry homemade Wonder Woman costume, you're too small), intrigued her ("Ew Mom, what's a jester?!") and was complete enough to be a costume (piggy ears and a tail may be okay for The Girl who surprisingly wanted to go out with us this year despite being 18! but not for a full-costume-seeking 7-year-old).

So for the official trick or treating event, Smalley was:

A flapper! Again, make-up makes everything better. But you will note that she still opted for the witch fake nails. And of course all costumes end up looking a little weird in T.O. when you have to wear layers underneath for the weather, but no biggie.

Celine (my mother's god-daughter who also joined us for trick-or-treating) was a "goth princess" - as I've said before, make-up, make-up, make-up. I think Celine's turned out pretty good. Plus she's a natural actress so she really got into the part:

I don't always dress-up but this year I made a effort. I was a pirate from the neck up (too lazy to put on anything else). We were a pretty good looking group too:

Now the only thing left is to pack away the decorations and monitor the kids' blood sugar levels over the next two weeks!

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