November 27, 2009

Can't wait...

Precious finally opened in widescale release today here in Toronto. Last week it opened at two theatres in the whole freaking city. But this week you can catch it at about half a dozen - which is lot better, but still not ideal. Luckily it's playing near my 'hood so I'm checkign it out tonight.

I  have been pumped to see this movie ever since it started getting buzz at the TIFF this past September. A friend at work (who always takes in a number of screenings when TIFF's in town) saw it and thought it was good, but intense.

I read the book. I fully know what I'm walking into but I still want to see it. I expect it to be raw and gritty and no doubt I'll be sobbing (that said I cry for everything, really) but I still want to see it. The book was mesmerizing and horrifying at the same time.

My little sis is going with me (not Spike, ANOTHER little sis) and strangely enough my little bro wants to tag a long too. Not so much for the movie but more beacuse he wants to hang out with us. Might be strange for him, but we'll have fun. And if he's really not down he can just slip into the theatre showing Ninja Assassin or something.

[Aside: ever since they moved out I haven't been able to see them very often. We're all busy. And I really miss hanging with them. FYI: my 18-year-old sister and  14-year-old brother moved up here from Guyana and lived with me for about six months earlier this year until their mother - my stepmother - and our other brother - 13 years old - came up too. Heck at one point all four of them were bunking at my place until their apartment was ready. My name is dreag21 and I run a shelter, didn't you know that? lol]

My cuz supposed to join us tonight, but I think she might be a no-show. I was looking forward to hanging out with her since we haven't done so in awhile but whatever. Ah well, nothing's stopping me from seeing this film.

And tomorrow, after dance classes, I'm taking Smalley to see This Is It. Saw a midnight screening when it first came out, LOV-ED it. And she really wants to see it so Mama is happy to take her. (We're on a movie kick lately - we saw New Moon last Saturday too with Celine. FYI: I'm Team Edward for Bella... because I want Jacob for myself! lol My name is dreag21 and I'm lusting after a teenaged, fictional werewolf. I have no problem with this so why should you? lol)

Anyway, all in all, it looks like a good start to the weekend. have a good one!


  1. Make sure you blog what you think of the movie! I have been hearing a lot about it. Is This is It still going by you? I think it was only a 2 week release here in US (you are in Canada?). Strange. But a great movie- very much a long concert video.

  2. Hi Essie. Precious was great, I'll be blogging about it later today. Actually I was surprised that the MJ movie is still playing here (Canada correct). But grateful. It's going for at least another week, which is good since the weekend got away from us and we did not make it on to the film on Saturday. The little one was very disappointed but will be patient for this weekend to come. Thanks for reading!


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