October 20, 2009

Finally... FINALLY!

So I started this "blog" a long time ago... and by started I mean signed up for a google account and saved the user name, and by a long time ago I mean a year+. *sigh* But then I never did anything with it. I just left it here, unused and seemingly unwanted, like the 2nd pair in a pack of dollar-store pantyhose that were purchased for an emergency (yes, a pantyhose emergency!). I didn't even name it back then, it was just blank. Today I put this name in because I think (hope) it might motivate me.

I mean I want to blog, I'm definitely interested in blogging. Heck, I think I'd be a good blogger... I'm just not sure what I'd blog about and that there is the problem. All the blogs I love seem to have a theme, some sort of unifying core that gives them a purpose.

Case in point - Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman writes all about her life on a cattle ranch, including humourous stories, delicious recipes and a-MAY-zing photos. I am not married to a rancher, I do not really make up my own recipes, I do not get around to downloading the pics off my dinky digital camera.

And Morgan over at One More Moore is so freaking crafty can't stand it. I drool over the lovely things she makes for her kids, her friends/family and her Etsy shop. I collect scrapbook supplies that I keep promising myself I'll use one day... but I haven't.

Pastor Ryan at This Is Reverb offers poignant thoughts and spirituality in addition to photography lessons and recipes. I love reading what he's writing about and I always feel like I've experienced something when I visit his site. I stopped going to church a few years ago (after a really long hiatus from org religion in general) and I think I'm kinda lost right now... not sure where I stand or how to go about figuring it out. And I already mentioned the camera thing. (Seriously folks it's bad - I think I still have last year's Christmas pics on there and the SD card is full so I haven't take shots of anything since August.)

And Bakerella makes the cutest freaking cake pops and cupcakes and so many others things that I wish I had the patience to do. I even bought a whole freaking lot of cake pop/cupcake supplies a few months ago, mixed up a big batch of cake pop batter AND went on a serious hunt to find the mini-cookie cutters she specifically recommended... me and the kids made one batch of so-so looking pops once, most the supplies (lollipop sticks, food markers, candy melts, etc.) are still in the plastic bag from the Bulk Store and the second batch of cake balls sat in the downstairs fridge for so long they got fuzzy. Ew!

A few days ago I found a blog that I absolutely love - Unfinished Business is a tribute to procrastinators everywhere. I could worship at Annie's feet because I love that she just puts in all out there, everything she has not gotten around to doing her good intentions gone nowhere, everything. She's so blunt about it and non-apologetic (at least as far as I've read, like I said I found it yesterday). I would LOVE to blog like that... but 1. SHE'S already doing it and 2. my Mom might read this one day and then I'd be in for it! (Yes I AM older than 30 thank you very much, but like and sensible and rational child of West Indian descent, I know the undeniable logic in fearing my mother.)

There are many other blogs that I like and read somewhat regularly but I'll stop there, thereby leaving myself something for another post! (And look at that, see what I did right there? Just came up with a little theme for my post - other interesting blogs!)

I don't quite know what this blog will shape up to be, I just know that I want and outlet. I need to write regularly again and I'm really hoping that this blog will help me do it. And hopefully, along the way, I'll pick up some folks that want to read it. If not, I'll keep writing anyway, it's mainly for my benefit.

I'll give a little info about me at this point, because it's indicative of what I'll probably write about most often. I'm a single mother of two daughters, ages 18.5 and 7. I'm on amicable terms with my ex, but that's definitely a closed door. I work full-time in the communication/pr field. I'm a former Girl Guide leader, former student council member, former teenage mother (these things will come up later, trust me). I'm the oldest of six siblings (between my divorced parents and their subsequent spouses) and I have a big of Mothering complex... and by that I mean I seem to think it's my job to take care of everyone, their needs and their problems - which is obviously impossible. I see what I just wrote there, I know the truth in it... but I still do it... A LOT! (Can't tell you how many times my therapist has said to me, "You can't mother the world!") So I should probably stop trying to do that.

Last thing about me - I am a procrastinator. BIG TIME. I have the best of intentions to get things done early, or even on time, to arrive on time, to not cram stuff together at the last minute, to not pull up in front the school, screech to a stop and shove my little one out the door while roaring, "Go, GO, GOOOOO!" and then calling out to have a good day while she flies to the front door. And I certainly mean to pay my bills on time (that one there is for any of my creditors that might reading - *waves* Hi Capital One!). But that's more an issue with quantity (e.g. not enough money!) than anything else.

So all that said, know that I intend to post here regularly (let's say a few times a week) AND post pictures AND try to keep it interesting... but if I were you I wouldn't hold my breathe. I'm just saying...

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